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    The Batteries (Management & Handling ) Rules, 2001 was notified in May 2001 to regulate the collection, characterization, and recycling as well as import of used lead-acid/Lithium-Ion batteries in the country. These rules inter-alia make it mandatory for consumers to return used batteries. All manufacture/assemblers/ reconditioners/importers of lead-acid/Lithium-ion batteries are responsible for collecting used batteries against new ones sold as per a schedule defined in the rules. Such used lead-acid/Lithium-ion batteries can be auctioned /sold only to registered recyclers.

    According to Battery Waste Management and Handling Amendment Rules, 2010. A battery means a lead-acid/Lithium-ion battery which is a source of electrical energy and contains lead, Lithium metal. Used batteries mean used, damaged, and old lead-acid/Lithium-ion batteries or components thereof.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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