Some guides to avoid issues in projects

May 28, 2017
  1. Check section by section when building the site. Don’t wait until you finish the whole site and check it in all the screens, desktop, and mobile versions, browsers, etc. That will take a lot of time and if we were asked to send the site ASAP, we might give priority to finish up the work and send soon rather than checking what we have done. But if you check the sections while you develop them, for an example when you develop the Header section check it in desktop and mobile versions and check in all screens if it shows and works properly. Then if something is wrong you can fix it at the same time without keeping it until you finish the whole site and you might forget it.
  2. Mail Icon linking issues – If you keep forgetting to link the mail icon in the mobile menu to the correct contact us page, add the email PHP code (<?php echo $email; ?>) there inside the header include file. Then you don’t need to change the link again and again for each and every project. And I think it is suitable to add the email address onto that mail icon in Mobile version rather than linking it to contact us page.
  3. Add the Location Code and Review Code to relevant sections. Pradeep has clearly given instructions on how to add this. Adjust the sections to match with the design and add them, and if you need to confirm before changing anything on them please speak to a Senior and get the approval.
  4. Always try to use php tags through the og-tag.php / config.php file for the address section, phone numbers, and links. Then you don’t need to manually update the address, phone numbers, and Social Media Links if it get changed after you build the site.
  5. Please display the Desktop site for the screens Starting from 768px screen. Do not display the Mobile version of the site for screens like 768px, 800px (landscape/tablets).
  6. For the Sitemap page, Do not use the PK tag for the Page Heading (H1 tag) and Page URL. Just use the Page url as site-map.html and the Page Heading as ‘Sitemap’.
  7. Do not use the same image for multiple bucket pages. Find different images for each and every bucket page.
  8. Use a proper SEO Title for the Appointment Form Thank You page. Do not display text such as Template, Inner Page, etc.
  9. Do not use <br/> tags inside the menu items in Mobile menu (Side panels.) I know we all just copy and paste the menu items from desktop site. But display it nicely. If there is enough space no need to add break tags in between words.
  10. Add Hover or Selected text colors for the Mobile menu items (Side Panels).

I know we need to do HTML Conversions, Page Creations, Making sites Live, Site Edits, etc. ASAP because of the pressure we get from the Go Live team. But that doesn’t mean we can send a site to live with issues. Because if something goes wrong (Developers side) Go Live team won’t take the blame saying that they had to hurry the work, and that’s why the developer couldn’t find issues. They will save their own self and their team if something goes wrong, but we need to be brave enough to save our own self and our team members. If you can’t do something within your limit, speak up for yourself. Discuss with Pradeep, he is always there to listen to you and help you whenever he can. If you find issues in any of your sites fix it right away without keeping it until someone points it out to you. If you see any issues on someone else’s site, inform them and help them to solve it.  Don’t think that finding issues in projects are only Pradeep’s, Sameera’s, Anupriya’s or QA teams responsibility. As Web developers, it’s our duty and responsibility to give a perfect site to the client. And you can get the good name for it. Otherwise, we will get fed up pointing out your mistakes and you will get fed up with Me, Sameera and Pradeep thinking that we are pressurizing you all the time. So if you avoid mistakes at the first place none of us wouldn’t need asking this and that to fix. And we can’t spoon feed all the time. As Pradeep always says use common sense and use your imagination and get the work done perfectly.

After all , his is our team, it’s our responsibility to work together as a team and help out each other the way we can.

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