On-Page SEO: Optimize Website pages Perfectly

October 12, 2016

Google change, change and change, never stop adding new things and algorithm updates, but still Google strictly check the on-page SEO basics. Below are the key things we have to consider as web developers.

Leverage SEO-Friendly URLS

The page URL should be short and keyword rich

How to follow this
We need use primary keyword for the URL. Assume the primary keyword of the contact us page is “Chicago Dental Clinic”

Then contact us page url should be chicago-dental-clinic.html

Use keyword rich and informative <h1> tags

Page heading should be informative and keyword rich

How to Follow this

Common pages (Contact us, about us, testimonials etc)
Normally we use “Contact Us” as heading (H1) tags of the contact us page, but it doesn’t have the primary keyword mentioned, but we can optimize it as mentioned below using primary keyword

Assume primary keyword of the contact us page is “Chicago Dental Clinic”, so we can optimize page heading as “Contact Best Dental Clinic

It is more informative than just say “Contact Us” and it is SEO friendly since we have included keyword within the <h1> tag

Buckets (Procedure pages)
Assume teeth whitening page of bigsmiledental.com site. Normally the page heading is Just “Teeth Whitening”, but it doesn’t have the primary keyword, but we can optimize it as mentioned below using primary keyword

It is “Teeth Whitening Services at Big Smile Dental, Chicago” It is informative than just say teeth whitening and it has the primary keyword too.

NOTE: Please make sure optimize heading tag in a natural manner since Google can mark as spam if we are just to include the keyword in unnaturally. Please contact your manager, ask client coordinator or ask from content QA team if you have debut optimizing <h1> tag.

Use Subheadings in H2 tag

The recommendation is Include target keyword in at least once subheading and uses  it in an H2 tag, but the subheadings should define by the content writer when writing content, but we must make sure we use H2 tag if the page available subheadings.

Dazzle with Multimedia

Text can only take make content so far. Engaging images, videos, and diagrams can reduce bounce rate and increase time on site. So we must make sure we add relevant images in website pages and add videos also if the client has related videos. Those will help to reduce bounce rate.

Image optimizations

We can add at least one image file name includes your target keyword.

For example, we can select client’s office picture to add in contact details page and the page primary keyword is “Chicago Dental Clinic” then the office picture can name as “chicago-dental-clinic.png” and use target keyword as part of image Alt Text.

Alt tag can be “Chicago Dental Clinic office photo
Alt tags should write in a natural manner without making keyword stuffing.

Assume placing 3 office picture, then use primary keyword only for 1 image, you can use related keywords for other 2 images.

Page Loading Speed

Site loading speed is a Google’s ranking factor and it is an SEO ranking signal. You must boost site speed by compressing images, optimizing javascript and style sheets.

Make sure page doesn’t take more than 2 seconds to load, recent research found that 75% of users wouldn’t re-visit a site that took longer than 2 seconds to load.

Use Outbound Links

Outbound links to related pages helps Google figure out page’s topic. It also shows Google that the  page is a hub of quality info.

For example, assume a invisalign page in a dental website, we can link a word in page content to main invisaling site (Link target should be blank),

Internal Links

If you want to see a great example of how to internal link on the site, check out Wikipedia. They have link different pages within page content.

For example, assume a blog post about Invisalign, then we can select some anchor text and link to other relevant pages within the same site)

Example: http://www.biltmoredentalcenter.com/blog/sedation-dentistry-glendale/
Link word “Dr. Sameet Koppikar” to doctor’s bio page and word “sedation dentistry” to the procedure page.

Use Social Sharing Buttons

Social signals may not play a direct role in the ranking site. But social shares can generate more traffic to the site.

For Example: If someone read the article and interesting for it, then probably he will share with others via social media profiles if the article page available social sharing buttons.

Other On-Page SEO tasks that other teams should support.

Well written title with keyword

Page content may be voluble, but if the page heading is mediocre, then click through rate will be low. In SEO copywriting, our headline should attract people’s attention, then prompt them to click and read further, so the page should have a strong title tag because we have to attract organic visitors to our site.

Also we need use primary keyword within the title tag, recommendation is use it beginning of the title tag

Drop keyword in first 100 words

The keyword should appear in the first 100-150 words of the article.

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